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Welcome all Members or Applicants!
    This guild is about enjoying The Old Republic and all it has to offer for its members. We want to help all our players reach level 50 as fast as they want to so we can include them in ranked warzones, flashpoints, and operations. (Sorry to our level 50 members but I can't start these until we have more level 50's including me.) Besides this I will be watching all level 50's for a great candidate to help me schedule events for the guild and someone who is on a lot to help recruit more people. Everyone work hard and watch the calendar for stuff to pop up soon. Have fun and don't forget to apply!

All applicants please e-mail me at and include character name, class, level, location, maybe something about your playing style and what you might need help with, and any other game information you think I might find helpful. You will be accepted into the guild upon request but I ask for this in case someone proves difficult. Try to get this to me within a week or two of your invitation.

Getting a Higher Rank: If you guys want to get a higher rank (especially those of you after the first week of the guild) I totally get it since I felt the same in my old guild! Just tell me or an officer you'd like to rank up and I'll help you out as much as I can. To become a member all you have to do is fill out the form and e-mail me. To be a lieutenant just help someone out with a few quests and have them request for you to move up. However, try to be level 20 by this point or I might wait until then unless you are a special case.  Becoming an officer is tougher though since they are the people I really trust to help me handle stuff more. Prove to me that I can really trust you, try to make some sort of impression on me that really gets me to trust you with such an important guild position. By this point all officer applicants must be at least level 35 and there are no exceptions! I need my highest ranks to be strong enough to help others and do many of the flashpoints or warzones with them. I'm sorry but there really can't be weak players in the high ranks since they'll likely help more often. Talk to me if you feel you're strong enough to help out even though you're weaker and I'll test you. From there, there really isn't any way to move up unless you're really good at a certain thing like my communications expert or seem to be good at a certain thing like being a PvE Helper. The person who really, and I mean really, trusts me and I trust them with my character's life will become one of my assistant guild masters and will be one of the most important guild members. So work hard and try to move up, but above all have fun!

Guild Bank: I know that our guild isn't as good because we don't have a guild bank but I hope everyone, especially the 50's, will contribute by trading or mailing Samfury credits. We need 600,000 for a guild bank but when that's done I will store any good items I don't need there for anyone to take. If you would like to take out money ask me first! If you would like to store anything you must give it to me first because I would like to make sure a super good item doesn't just be first come, first serve. Super good items will be put on guild chat for anyone to request. If at least 5 requests have been made for one item I will ask players to meet me on a planet everyone has access to and will auction it off to the highest bidder, then store the funds in the bank.

Contact: Contact me at my e-mail or whisper Samfury. 

Bullying, Rudeness, etc: As guild leader, I DO NOT TOLERATE THIS! This guild is for players to have fun and enjoy the game, not to be bullied and hate going on here. My communications officer will monitor this for now along with my other officers and I will be adding to the team. I will know of any bullying and don't be afraid to tell me about any player doing this in or outside the guild. Anyone suspected of this will be monitored and if found will be kicked from the guild and reported to the admins of the game. Officers don't think you're exempt from this either since I'll be watching you and I want the other officers to watch among your ranks as well.
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Guild First Week Promotion!

Kenobi800, Oct 24, 12 6:18 PM.
Guys don't forget all people who join gain a free rank up to Lieutenant this week only!
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